Welcome to the space in between our universes

Aviator Blue

Alea Jacta Est

"Alea jacta est",
The dice have been thrown,
Beware of what you may encounter here.

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Hi there, I'm the person you might call Sawyer. I was born the 22nd of October 2005 at 8:35 am, in Şişli, İstanbul, and currently live in the South-West of France. I have a lot of social medias that you can go check out, too.

I am a huge Undertale/Deltarune nerd, and am into a lot of other stuff, but I get into and out of things so easily that the list would very quickly become obsolete.

I draw, write, compose, sing, edit videos, make stories, and do a lot of other stuff, essentially all of it to share my view of this strange world and tell stories that materialize out of thin air and never go away the same way they came.