Large rainbow text that reads 'Blue Miaou'.

Hi! I'm Sawyer. I'm an 18 year old artist, writer, composer and occasional game dev from france with too many ideas and too little energy. I'm also a first year computer science major and I plan on going into software development. Main interests include science, LPS and video games (mostly specific ones that I'm not gonna detail here).

Personal projects I wanna get to in the near future are an LPS series (The Midnight Boy), a webcomic (Starville's Prophecy), a song album, and video games (Failsafe and another unnamed one), but I may do other things here and there. I'll give updates regularly on my socials and I'll try my best to keep links to everything here.

Be warned that a lot of my art contains mature themes, light horror, gore and occasional nudity and is therefore not appropriate for younger audiences. I'd personally rather you be over 16 to interact with my content. Other than that things should be fine, so I'll wish you a very nice day!

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